7 Chakra Healing Stone Kit | Pocket Stones

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7 Chakra Healing Stones Root:

Root: Bloodstone for grounding, protection, and healing trauma.
Sacral: Carnelian (orange) for balancing and healing emotional issues.
Solar Plexus: Citrine (yellow) for courage, confidence, & personal power.
Heart: Rose quartz (pink) for healing the heart, forgiveness, & calming.
Throat: Sodalite (blue) for communication; speaking and listening to truth.
Third eye: Amethyst (purple) for intuition & psychic abilities. Clear seeing.
Crown: Clear quartz for clearing energy blocks and connecting to your higher source.

These are natural stones and will vary in color, size and shape. Many of these are .5" - .75".

Info card included.

Stone may be substituted from what is in the image (for example, the updated kit has bloodstone instead of black tourmaline).