Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones, Small | Pocket Stones

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Introducing Crystal Spheres, captivating orbs of natural beauty and metaphysical power. These mesmerizing spheres are meticulously crafted from various gemstones, each possessing unique properties that resonate with different aspects of the human experience.

These are small (about .75") and easy to carry in your pocket. A consistent companion for love & compassion.

Rose quartz come in a variety of shapes. Quartz for unconditional love, and Clear Quartz for clarity and amplification. Choose the crystal that aligns with your intentions and desires to elevate your spiritual practice and bring positive energy into your life.

Decorate your sacred space with these radiant gemstones or carry them with you to stay connected to their uplifting vibrations throughout the day. Embrace the enchanting world of Crystals and unlock the boundless potential within yourself.