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1925 Rosina St. C, Santa Fe, NM 87505

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Discover Spiritual Healing and Exploration at Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Welcome to Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop, your sanctuary for spiritual exploration and healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a brick-and-mortar store with regular business hours, we’re committed to providing a physical space where you can connect with our curated collection of products designed to support holistic well-being. Whether you choose to shop in-store or online, we’re here to empower you on your journey towards inner balance and transformation.

Step into our physical space to experience the tangible energy of our products or explore our online store for convenience and accessibility. From crystals to candles, tarot/oracle decks, sage, incense, and more, our carefully curated selection invites you to dive deep into the mysteries of the metaphysical world.


Greeting from LaGina Glass, Owner/Healer at Prana Blessings.

LaGina is an Author, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, jewelry maker, and Intuitive Coach. She offers services combining intuition, Reiki energy healing and coaching to meet the need of the individual.

Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop and Healing Hub is the result of a vision I have held since 2011. To have one place, with many creatives, offering products and services that support personal and spiritual growth. 

Our physical location is a retail shop and workshop / healing space. Many of our products are made in house or sourced locally and geared towards healing. 


Mission: To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to products and services for authentic personal and spiritual growth.

Vision: A community resource where authentic connections are made.

This online shop is an extension of our physical location. For more information, please visit our main Prana Blessings website and be sure to check out our events page. If you are in Santa Fe, NM, please stop by and say hello.



“Every individual is born with intrinsic value and divine gifts. It is my passion to assist others in developing personal and transformation techniques to bring those gifts to light in order to live a more fulfilling life. Each person already has all that is needed to live life more abundantly regardless of generational and environmental upbringing; we are powerful beings equipped for success.” - LaGina Glass

Guiding Principles:


Identify the root cause of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.


To identify and strengthen moral character.


To strengthen the mind that enables a person to face difficulties.


To live without fear and honor our connection to ourselves and others.


When you are in the Santa Fe, NM Area, please stop by, shop and say hello. Or check out our events page, you may want to attend a gathering while you are in town.



LaGina Glass

Owner at Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop

1925 Rosina St. C

Santa Fe, NM 87505

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