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Prana Blessings has partnered with & You can now purchase books, decks and audio books directly from the Prana Blessings pages by using our links to make your selection. It's just like shopping in-store but with millions of titles to choose from. You can shop here: Prana Blessings connects readers with independent booksellers worldwide, supporting local bookstores as essential community hubs that foster culture, curiosity, and a love of reading. By purchasing through, you support these independent bookstores financially, helping them thrive and maintain their presence in local communities. The platform equips independent bookstores with the tools they need to compete online, ensuring they can continue to serve their communities effectively.

When you buy books online at, you can select to support Prana Blessings. On our page you will see curated book lists that support our customer base. However, you will have access to million of selection in any category!

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