6" Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid Chime

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 Each pyramid is handmade. They vary slightly from one another as would be expected.

This size pyramid measures 6" x 6" x 5.25" tall

This pyramid is welded together from 10mm rods. 

All pyramids are paired with a small Bamboo Magic Mallet for a rub or striking play.

We do not guarantee any specific note for this product.

A quartz pyramid is a chime-like instrument with a luxurious sustain Smaller pyramids will have higher tones while the larger pyramids have a lower fundamental tone.

Quartz pyramids have a mysterious sound that is more than just the fundamental tone. The instrument is easily mounted on a stand and functions perfectly in composition anywhere you use an uplifting high-frequency sound effect. The pyramid is perfect in place of a tingsha or chime, its timbre cuts through the sounds of other instruments making it great for pairing with metal or crystal singing bowls. The lingering tone makes the pyramid perfect for marking time or transitions throughout a composition. The pyramid holds its own in an arrangement. A unique instrument with wonderful sonic characteristics, the quartz pyramid is a delightful conversation starter that can play many roles in your sound field.

We advise against positioning the pyramid directly over a person lying down. Despite seeming intuitive, the instrument is made of quartz, and any mishap would be the user's responsibility. The pyramid generates sufficient sonic energy, making close proximity or off-body use adequate without passing directly over a reclined listener.