10” White Zen Pyramids Incredible Harmonic Alloy Singing Pyramid

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Each pyramid is handmade. They vary slightly from one another as would be expected.

Colors: White or Silver

This size pyramid measures approx. 10" x 10" x 8" tall and weighs 1.5 lbs.

This Zen pyramid is paired with a Small Bamboo Magic Mallet for sound activation.

Do you need a case for your pyramid? Pyramid Case by Crystal Vibes is available here!

Individually handcrafted, each Zen Pyramid bears a unique imprint of sonic craftsmanship. Inspired by the geometric perfection of the pyramid, this percussion masterpiece is meticulously forged from a fusion of eight alloy bars, creating a unified sculptural form. This alloy blend is engineered to achieve exceptional acoustic properties such as rich resonance and harmonics, coupled with physical attributes like optimal density and resistance to tarnishing.

When struck, the Zen Pyramid emits a complex and delightful sound that reverberates through the air. Its frequencies are carefully tuned to evoke inherent pleasure in the human ear. The instrument's distinctive configuration generates a dynamic soundscape, shifting through various modes and states of sonic transmission from activation until it gently returns to silence.

Furthermore, its ergonomic handle empowers you to introduce rotational movements, unlocking limitless sonic possibilities for live performances or studio recordings.

Our Zen Pyramids range in size, from the compact 3” to 20” variant. The most popular sizes are available on this website. Please call if you require other sizes.

As the pyramid size increases, so does the richness and complexity of the produced sound. The smaller Pyramids emit a sweet, high-pitched tone that is a captivating alternative to tingshas or high-toned chimes. As you ascend through the various sizes, the Zen Pyramid's sonic footprint expands, accompanied by extended sustain and heightened overall volume.

Belonging to the percussion family of musical instruments, the Singing Pyramid is classified as an idiophone under the Hornbostel-Sachs system. Like marimbas and xylophones, the pyramid resonates as a unified whole when struck. It possesses an inherently indefinite pitch and produces a rich array of overtones when activated with the appropriate striking tool. Suspended from a pyramid-shaped handle, it vibrates with graceful freedom. Furthermore, your hands can delicately dampen or shape the sound, adding subtle nuances to the instrument's motion.