Moldavite Pendant | Sterling Silver |

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Unlock the extraordinary benefits of Moldavite, a rare and potent crystal renowned for its protective properties. Crafted by celestial forces, Moldavite forms a spiritual shield, safeguarding you against negative energies and influences.

But its benefits extend far beyond mere protection. Moldavite serves as a conduit for spiritual growth and enlightenment. When used in meditation, it amplifies your connection to the higher realms, facilitating profound insights and spiritual awakening.

Moreover, Moldavite isn't just a tool for the mind—it's also a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Its unique green hue and otherworldly appearance make it a captivating adornment, imbued with the energy of the cosmos.

Embrace the power of Moldavite to elevate your spiritual journey. Whether worn as jewelry or used in meditation, it aligns you with your highest self, enhancing intuition, clarity, and divine communication. Experience the transformative energy of Moldavite and step into a realm of spiritual protection, enlightenment, and elevated consciousness.

Shape will vary. 
Each piece of moldavite is over 1 gram.

Silver Chain is not included.