From Imagination to Reality | Abiola Abrahams

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Secret Manifestation Lessons and the Law of Assumption from Abdullah, Master Alchemist

Powerful transformational practices, including the Law of Assumption, from Abdullah, the mysterious Black Ethiopian rabbi who was the mentor to New Thought icon Neville Goddard.

“In this captivating book, Abiola enlightens readers, revealing that it is their birthright to transform their wildest dreams from imagination to reality.”
#1 New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein

In From Imagination to Reality, Abiola Abrams reveals the hidden teachings of Abdullah, a mystic and sage from the 1930s whose influence on spiritual teachers such as Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy underscores the profound impact of his insight. Abdullah’s teachings have long been linked to Neville Goddard’s creation of the Law of Assumption.

Abdullah’s spiritual laws provide the foundation of conscious creation; and the manifesting processes, revelations, and exercises provided in these pages will become your tools for harnessing the energy of your intentions while guiding you toward deeper self-awareness and alignment with your desires.

Get ready to step into your fullest potential and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams as you learn to purposefully shape your reality.