Florida Water 4 oz

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Proprietary Blend of Herbs, Citrus Fruit and Essential Oils. NOT TO BE INGESTED. 

For eight weeks, I mix, pray over and energized each batch. 

What is Florida Water?

Florida means “of flowers.” As stated below, the spiritual water is made from floral herbs and essential oils. Originating in the 1800’s, Florida Water is known for its refreshing citrus smell and its strong cleansing abilities.

What is Florida Water used for?

Florida Water has become well known to those seeking a high vibrational source for cleansing and clearing a person or objects aura. It also has been used to scent a space and cure a fever, cold or headaches. Because of its strong magical properties many spiritual healers use it as a tool in their healing work.

  • Pour it in your mop water to clean the floor.
  • Use it to clean your windows and doors (including doorknobs).
  • Spray it around your body to cleanse your aura (may dilute with water).
  • Use it as a hand sanitizer and enjoy the scent on your hands (may dilute with water).
  • Clean objects used in prayer and ritual; alter surface and altar items.


What Ingredients were used?

The base of the Florida Water is 70% Alcohol. The batch also has fresh rosemary, fresh basil, dry hyssop, wormwood, motherwort, fresh citrus, star anise and several other dry herbs. In addition, several pure essential oils were used including lavender, lemon and orange.

What is hyssop and why is it important?

In biblical times, hyssop was named as a very important plant especially around cleansing and protection practices. In Psalms 51 we find these words, “Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean.” Hyssop appears in the bible at least 12 times and was a main herb for the times and continues to serve in such a manner.

I hope you will enjoy this batch and that it brings you as much peace and joy as it brought me while I was making it.