Earth & Bone Oracle | Sirian Shadow

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The combination of the illustrated skulls and nature is both beautiful and somber, highlighting the deck's theme of spiritual transformation.

Inspired by nature's cycles, the Earth and Bone Oracle honors the concepts of rebirth and transformation and is tailored to help readers grow and heal spiritually.

The deck is alluring, mysterious, haunting and complex. The artwork and themes portray a darker, slightly macabre style as a result. Although there is a strong emphasis on the concept of nature's duality, the messages are about transformation and achieving the ideal balance between dark and light elements. The combination of the illustrated skulls and nature highlight the deck's theme of spiritual transformation by reflecting the constantly changing seasons and the cycle of life.

By tapping into the universe's subtle energies, the deck contains channeled messages that integrate with your consciousness through change and transformation. The guidance is tailored to help you grow and heal spiritually. 

These oracle cards can be used as a singular deck or combined with tarot for more extensive guidance. They are easy to use, especially for those who are beginners or new to divination and oracle cards.

Allow the Earth and Bone Oracledeck to lead you on a transformational and empowering journey.

Sirian Shadow is a versatile and multifaceted practitioner, psychic, and author who provides spiritual guidance for empowerment and transformation. His mission is to inspire wisdom and empower personal and spiritual truth. Sirian Shadow is his spiritual name. He discovered that he was a Sirian star seed, a soul who incarnated from Sirius to bring light and healing during his reiki training and attunements.

For as long as he can remember Sirian has been drawn to the mystical and magical world. As a child his interests and psychic gifts were suppressed by family and peers, and he was frequently dismissed as being shy and unusual, but in reality, he had an innate ability to know certain things about people even before he had ever met them. Sirian eventually learned how to hone his abilities and form the language to speak about his psychic and intuitive gifts, and is grateful to have learned to attune to and understand more about subtle energy.

Now that he feels empowered and inspired, Sirian seeks to provide his developed skills and experience and is committed to helping you see the truth that has always been inside of you, showing you the way forward, and giving you peace of mind by helping you recognize the spiritual essence of the things that happen in our lives.