Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

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Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards: 60 Card Deck & Guidebook

Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards™ are designed to inspire and delight you while offering meaningful daily guidance in your everyday life. 60 unique and stunningly beautiful cards in this card deck portray universal themes such as Courage, Curiosity, Independence, Indulge and so much more. Anyone can use the cards and guidebook to answer a question, start a discussion, use for a meditation, set an intention or even a new course in life!

Cats have an inherent wisdom. Part of that wisdom is that no matter how we treat them, they still love us when they step into the role of guardian and/or angel for us. Ready to tap into your deeper cat connection, get help pouncing on your own hidden insights and bat around more great tools for conscious living? Here it all is! Find cosmic cat wisdom in these delightful cosmic cat card decks that will capture your heart.