Black Onyx Raven | Large 3"

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Introducing Black Onyx, the powerful absorber of negative energy and healer of old wounds, even those from past lives. This exceptional crystal is perfect for meditation, enhancing self-discipline, and promoting vivid dreaming.

Black Onyx's remarkable ability to absorb negativity creates a protective shield around you, allowing for emotional healing and releasing of past traumas. It provides a grounding and stabilizing energy, aiding in inner strength and resilience. Whether used during meditation or for daily self-discipline, Black Onyx is an invaluable tool for personal growth.

Each stone is a unique masterpiece, measuring approximately 3" tall, and displaying variations in color and shape, adding to its natural allure.

Experience the transformative power of Black Onyx! Embrace its ability to absorb negativity, heal old wounds, and enhance your spiritual journey. Order your Black Onyx crystal today and embark on a path of emotional healing and personal empowerment.

Eye color may be blue or gold.