Ritual Chime Candles

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Ceremonial or ritual candle in various colors. 


  1. White candles– Peace, truth and purity
  2. Purple candles– Spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility, intuition and healing
  3. Blue & Deep Blue Candles– Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Fidelity, Happiness, and  Communication.
  4. Green Candles– Money, Fertility, Luck, Abundance, Health, and Success
  5. Rose & Pink Colored Candles– Positive self love, friendship, harmony, joy
  6. Yellow Candles– Thoughts, manifesting, confidence, taking action, creativity, intelligence, personal power
  7. Orange Candles– Joy, energy, education, strength attraction, stimulation
  8. Red Candles– Passion, energy, love, relationships, sex, vitality, courage.
  9. Black Candles– Protection, and repelling negative energy